SmartTags for Product Authentication and Consumer Engagement

Customized Communication and Promotion at the Point of Sale in Real Time 

AuthenticTag consists of labels with microchips of leading technology that guarantee the authenticity of a product and offer the consumer promotions and information that facilitates decision-making at the point of sale.

Custom communication and promotion tool

When detected by any mobile, AuthenticTag labels allow the consumer to access detailed information that drives the purchase, in addition to offering complimentary articles, videos, discount coupons, access to social networks and other promotions. More info

Instant and customized promotions & coupons


Detailed, unlimited and customized information for each market

Remote access control panel with real-time effect

The control is carried out remotely by the internet, being able to selectively and instantaneously modify any content and/or promotion, besides offering in different languages different versions for the same article, a whole lot or a specific sector of your market, with immediate access to activity reports. More info

User-friendly control panel


A reliable source for market studies

A / B Tests

Fully reliable authentication tool

Unlike other authentication options (such as QR codes), AuthenticTag has high-tech encrypted microchips, impossible to be copied, activated remotely and also enable instant deactivation of any stolen or compromised product, alerting about said status and informing the location, protecting your image and that of your legitimate distributors. More info

Remote activation

Protection from unauthorized overproduced batches

"Stolen product" message and geo-location alert

Protection during online purchases


Remote deactivation

Protection from commercialization of stolen lots

Protection to distributors

Help for people with visual disabilities

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