AuthenticTools to drive decision-making at the point of sale

Real time Customized Communication and Promotion

Awake and hold your potential clients’ interest in a dynamic and entertaining way

Beyond the detection of authenticity of a product, AuthenticTag offers the client valuable tools for better decision making, also presenting promotions and customized incentives, which guarantee an optimal buying experience.

  • Change content based on location

Easy detection and instant reading

Your client only needs to approximate any cell phone to the product to access a world of possibilities, without the need of pre-installed programs.

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While QR codes need to 1) take a picture with the cell phone, 2) have a pre-installed code reading app, 3) access the information, with AuthenticTag you only need to approximate the cell phone to the tag, and the application opens right away (or invites to install it).


Detailed, unlimited and customized information

Specifications, sizes, models or accessories? Adjust content and language for the same item in different markets.

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When reading the label, AuthenticTag not only guarantees the authenticity of a product, but it also gives access to all the information the consumer may require to decide on the purchase: specifications, models, complementary products, uses, contraindications, videos, warranty indications, nutritional tables, among other possibilities. In each market, you can offer the information in the respective language and localize the content.

Instant and customized promotions & coupons

A different promo for every moment or place? Activate and deactivate immediately coupons and promotions for specific audiences.

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It is possible to easily activate (and deactivate) promotions for a given event (Mother’s Day or Christmas), for a specific batch, or offer discounts in one store in Paris while offering a promotion for Independence Day throughout the USA for the same product. Each label or batch is programmable to access the promotions that you want to set up at the time, and the length you wish.

Full control from an intuitive panel with immediate effect

From any device you can control the campaigns and all the information available for any item, line or market sector, based on instant tracking statistics.

Develop and modify campaigns instantly

Quickly upload videos or images, modify promotions length or replace texts: Online campaigns in a simple and intuitive way.

Configurable and easy to use, AuthenticTag’s control panel allows you to design and develop your online campaigns with immediate effect. A visual and intuitive panel consents you to upload and modify images, texts or videos, assign diverse options to different markets, allot terms of duration, change values and percentages for discount coupons, among many possibilities.

Statistics and instant reports

Monitor in real time thanks to readily available geographic and demographic stats. 

Get access to stats detailed by the user, item, product line or campaign, and promptly correct their performance.

Loyalty and repurchase programs

Awards, promotions, releases of new products: Keep a captive audience that loves and follows your brand.

By identifying specific users and knowing their tastes and preferences, it is possible to design campaigns that encourage greater consumption and reward customers’ loyalty to the brand, allowing sending prizes, promotions or notifications about new releases, among various possibilities.

Enhance and develop your social networks

Encourage the development of your communication channels, with access to all your social networks in order to develop a relationship with all your prospects and customers.

AuthenticTag offers the possibility of immediately accessing the company’s social networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.), increasing the subscriber base, enhancing communication channels with a captive audience and allowing marketing campaigns to be developed.

A reliable source for market studies

The identification of specific users offers vast possibilities to invite them to participate in market studies on consumers, to provide more information about their habits and preferences, and even to test products before launch.

A / B Tests

Test different promotions alternatives in small sectors to measure their effectiveness. With a detailed analysis of each choice, you can move forward with greater confidence to the global launch of a campaign before wasting resources and opportunities.

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Tech Support:


Fácil detección y lectura inmediata

Su cliente sólo precisa aproximar cualquier celular para acceder a un mundo de posibilidades, sin necesidad de programas preinstalados.


Información detallada, ilimitada y a medida

Especificaciones, tallas, modelos o accesorios? Ajuste el contenido e idioma para un mismo item en diversos mercados.

Promociones instantáneas

¿Una promo diferente en cada momento o lugar?Active y desactive inmediatamente cupones y promociones en diversos mercados.

Integración con redes sociales

Estimule el desarrollo de sus canales de comunicación, con acceso a todas sus redes sociales para desarrollar una relación con sus clientes.

Panel de control de fácil uso

Cargue rápidamente videos o imágenes, modifique plazos de promociones o sustituya textos: Campañas online en forma sencilla e intuitiva.

Estadísticas y reportes

Identifique el perfil demográfico y geográfico de su público potencial con reportes detallados para cada item o línea de productos.

Programas de fidelidad y recompras

Premios, promociones, nuevos lanzamientos de nuevos productos: Conserve un público cautivo que ame y siga a su marca.


Fuente confiable para estudios de mercado

Identifique perfiles demográficos y geográficos y usuarios específicos para desarrollar investigaciones de mercado efectivas.

Pruebas A/B

Ahorre tiempo y dinero poniendo a prueba campañas diferentes para un mismo producto en locaciones distintas, antes de seleccionar una campaña global.